A happy family is a happy family 

  Last night dinner at absolute thai. It was my brother in law’s birthday. Happy birthday dd. Mama will always be the one who wanted us to gather for at least a dinner during birthday. So did last night. 
Absolute thai is so over-rated. I think the food was so-so. Okayla, the food was generously served but the taste was not so good. Nevertheless the ambience was just nice. It’s new and the staff was so helpful. 

For ambience i gave it 4**** for food probably 2.5** 


A (injured) jumper

Who would thought, an almost frequent jumper at jumpstreet pon kena sprained ankle.
It was my 10th or more jumping at jumpstreet, and of course i would not do somersault or something like that, just a normal jumping of course (i am not that adventureous btw) but orang cakap benda nak jadi kan. Kun faya kun! It’s a fate. I remembered when i ankle twisted i fell down, my brother was nearby. He saw me, i told her if i didnt go and sit i would faint out. He ushered me to a safer place. It was 10mins and when he made sure i was ok, he walked out of the ring and looking for my other half. Oh yes, he was outside, he’s not in the mood to jump. When i saw him (at that time jumpstreet staff was waiting and making sure i was ok) i started to walk towards him, that was when i realised my left foot was hurting. It must be the ankle. I couldnt walk comfortably.

Most people have twisted an ankle at some point in their life. And I, it was my first time!

I cried because it hurts!

When we were back home, at night to be exact hubs told me before it gets swollen (according to him it looks like it would) we should start to ice the injured ankle: and based on his football years’ experience (konon) he suggested for ice water immersion. I donch kid you it made me cried a bucket. 😭😭😭

Imaging putting your feet inside this cold ice water and leaving it in for 20mins. It’s immensely hurt! 

After an hour whining, it kinda relieve my pain a bit. Alhamdulillah. Though last night i couldnt get enough sleep, because the pain is unbearable, but i am glad at least i am now having my day rest (on my long overdue mc) at home.
Perhaps i would not be jumping for weeks, months or even years haha, but I am glad that the ice bucket relieve the pain. But somehow i know this would last for few days or weeks.
Praying for a speedy recovery. Puhhleeaaseeee 😖


When mummy (thinks) is getting wiser (older)

Well, the above says it all. 


Look at the picture. I do not feel old, haha but i do feel ‘growing up’! The girls would definitely be taller than me in no time. How can they grow up so fast?! Seriously. Look at me!! I am obviously so short in this picture. And the taller gene that they have is killing me! 

And on this date, september, i am celebrating my 3rd year becoming a hijabi. Wiser and loving it. I used to wear hijab to cover my head my neck and now i am covering my chest. It’s kinda big achievement for me. Though i sometimes stray away from my ultimate pavement, but Allah Taala lead me straight back. Always He does that, making sure i do not forget where i should be leading to. Allahumma Ameen. 

Thinking of Rapuh by Opick. A nice song, indeed. 


That is yours truly. with her lil helper today.

Yours truly 246 days being SAHM and 95 days maid-less! yaaayyy. It’s a rather challenging task i would say, but being able to see the girls grown up before my eyes is always a bless. Alhamdulillah.

I may not be where i want to be but I am thankful for not being where i used to be.

Last weekend we were just come back from KB. Melaksanakan satu lagi amanah adik beradik. Menghantar rombongan merisik mewakili adik lelaki saya. Not so rombongan, it was just few of us, not many, but Alhamdulillah our so called rombongan and hajat was well received by the girl’s family. :-) I just couldnt wait to have another sister in law. My younger brother’s wife (married about 2 years ago) is a kelantanese, so does this one. Both are sincerely nice. Lemah lembut tak sama macam kakak dia sorang ni! LOL! Loving both girls so much. Well you know, i do not have a younger sister(s) myself. I only have an older sister. And all other sibs are boys. My hubs’ siblings are all boys too! Having to have additional girls in the family is always a privilege. My bother in law also just got married in May this year, adding up to another girl in the clan too (my biras of course). oohhh I love all the girls!

Berbalik pada topic asal ye kawan-kawan. For the past few months or maybe years, I have started my own party planning business, gubahan hantaran or such. Hence, I have done for all the gubahan hantaran for my brother in law’s bertunang & nikah and my brother’s merisik too.

Naaaaahhhh!!!! Cantik tak? With that fresh flowers I think it’s nice. (perasan mode! hehehehe)


I always loving this kinda business. Buat birthday ker, wedding ke or any other party planning, always my passion. Nonetheless skang memang buat part time je, whenever I have time, if not I will just refuse to accept any job.

The majlis merisik was on 31.08.15. We were supposed to drive back to KL on the same day, tapi, Damia was not well, dia semput. 3x kena neb dekat hospital. On the 3rd neb, when the wheezing hasn’t subsided after the 2nd neb, the doctor was actually discussing on admitting her. Being a mom (now I am very particular about admitting my kids to the hospital); I worried that nobody would be able to take care of Tihany while I am at the hospital taking care of Damia and we were in KB at that time was another thing, if we were in KL things might be different. Since I refused, the doctor advised for an extra dose of ventoline to be taken at home. Alhamdulillah she is now getting better, no more wheezing and she has started schooling today after 2 days on MC! Oh anyway, since we were supposed to go back on the same day (together of course) hubs decided that we (the girls) should take the flight back home, so we bought a flight back home the next day. Me and hubs apparently didn’t have much time for ourselves during that few days. We came back to KB separately because he has to work. And then since Damia’s condition did not allow her to be in the car for long hours, we have to go back to KL separately as well.

And you still think a house wife means that you would spend most of the time with your loved one? Be in the shoes, only you know. There’s always priority in life. One after another. :-). oh no i am not complaining, just sharing. Sharing kan caring uols?

And arriving in KL wasn’t that much good neither. Its haze everywhere and yours truly was not well. Diarrhea, slight fever and uncomfort too. Blood test was done to eliminate dengue. Alhamdulillah its all turned out negative. So doctor cakap probably it’s a viral fever. It’s not long until we (the sibs) found out an article on the net where the Dept of Fisheries in Kelantan had advised public not to buy/eat oyster/shellfish caught in the Sungai Geting. It has believed to be contaminated. We were in shocked. The three of us, yours truly, the sister and the brother bought and eat ‘etok’ (that is one kind of shellfishes or whatever they called it) when we were in Tumpat visiting my other brother, and we were sure that the ‘etok’ was actually from Sungai Geting! Oh and so that’s the reason of the diarrhea and all the uncomfortness. Subsequently today I went to KPJ Ampang Puteri, probably it’s the food poisoning but it is not that bad, according to the MO. I was given antibiotics and the usual meds for food poisoning. Hope this will goes off in 5 days. Yes 5 days. I am unwell, but there’s so much to do and if I stay in the room playing sick, I may be sick for life! Well I just couldn’t stay still and do nothing.

Well today, after much ado, I am resuming my sahm-daily-routine. And chauffeuring is one of it.

Penat? Tuhan sahaja lah yang tahu. But as i said million times before, having to see the girls grown up right before my very own eyes, is always a bless from Allah Taala. Hence, i am not regretting to leave my job, my title, my position and my degree holder so called to become one of the player in the hardest job on earth.

current favorite song; photograph by ed sheeran


How about another round of trying to resume writing? 

A SAHM and probably trying to kills the time and sharing my life now surrounding with house chores, kids and hubs. 

Oh yeah. It has been a while. And yes i am now a stay at home mom. Damia is now in primary school. And Tihany is in her pre 2 of real kids. So many things have happened, the girls growing up so fast. So many stories should have been shared. Well that’s the beauty of having a blog, the memories will remain and i can always go back and cherished the good (and bad times too). Last night i was reading my old blog. Yes, not this one it was an old one (yes u cannot find it here no more, ive privated the page because it was written way before i started to wear hijab). So no i wont published it anymore. :-) 

Well, this should be my first write up in 2015. I has been months. oh-em-geee-. Probably i can recall few things within the year and write some thing here. Yes probably! Just for the sake of me remembering my life beforehand. Inshaallah soon. Need to recollect the things that has happened. 
But before that, it’s 11:00+ in the morning, few other things to do before i fetch my cotton candy from school. She finish school at 12:00 while munchkin school and ends at 1:00pm. 

Till we meet again, i promised it will be very very soon! 


While watching My Crazy Ex S1 on CI channel on Astro. 

Hidayah Itu Milik Allah


Hidayah itu milik Allah SWT. I am totally agreed with that. Nevertheless, if we aren’t looking or searching for it, it will never come, trust me. It has always been a good reasoning for people, including myself years ago. I used to say things like:

  1. Tunggula nanti adala masa nanti.
  2. Tunggu nanti sampai seru


And whatevs, u name it. It has been my excuse whenpeople asked me about wearing hijab. I have started to wear hijab since 4 September 2012. It came easily without anyone asked me to. Not even my other half. Honestly, I started wearing hijab without even being a good muslimah. I am not ashamed to admit. But I have learned. I heard people said they will start to wear hijab when they have completed their daily 5 times prayers or such. But I did not. I started with hijab and everything else came along. And it only materialized at a later time. You can’t expect to wear hijab and totally changed. You just can’t. What you can do is, change and giving an effort to give more.

And obviously I do not agreed (until today) when people says‘HIDAYAH ITU MILIK ALLAH’ and give a stop to it. It should be continued with a search within your soul. A search to find the hidayah. HIDAYAH ITU MILIK ALLAH TAALA AND OBVIOUSLY TO GET THE HIDAYAH YOU WILL NEED TO SEARCH FOR IT.

Look back and reflect!

If we really want to change, we do not have to wait without any effort. We can’t just giving excuse like it will come without us knowing. We must remember, Allah Taala will give it to those who are looking for it. I am way from perfect. I am still learning, at an initial stage. Almost 2 years doesn’t mean that I am good enough. I still have lots to learn. There are times, these days where I always look back and mull over my life and trying to change to a better way. I know He always look upon me and listen to my prayers, and all I have to do is put a little more effort. Inshaallah with the courage I will change myself (and my family too) towards a better life here and hereafter. Aamin ya Rab.

Indeed, [Ya Muhammad], you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.

Surat Al-Qasas 28:56


where have you been?

Seriously. the spiderweb is all over the blog now. not that i do not want to write, but time did not permit. They envy me much. I do not blog for lots of readers but i blog for my own self. i need my own reminder to keep my memories intact and to remind me how beautiful life was.

And today, i have just realized, i had been neglecting my blog since last year. Well, obviously that is not my intention.

Life has been fair. Pretty much fair. I need some time to think of what should i blog about.