How about another round of trying to resume writing? 

A SAHM and probably trying to kills the time and sharing my life now surrounding with house chores, kids and hubs. 

Oh yeah. It has been a while. And yes i am now a stay at home mom. Damia is now in primary school. And Tihany is in her pre 2 of real kids. So many things have happened, the girls growing up so fast. So many stories should have been shared. Well that’s the beauty of having a blog, the memories will remain and i can always go back and cherished the good (and bad times too). Last night i was reading my old blog. Yes, not this one it was an old one (yes u cannot find it here no more, ive privated the page because it was written way before i started to wear hijab). So no i wont published it anymore. :-) 

Well, this should be my first write up in 2015. I has been months. oh-em-geee-. Probably i can recall few things within the year and write some thing here. Yes probably! Just for the sake of me remembering my life beforehand. Inshaallah soon. Need to recollect the things that has happened. 
But before that, it’s 11:00+ in the morning, few other things to do before i fetch my cotton candy from school. She finish school at 12:00 while munchkin school and ends at 1:00pm. 

Till we meet again, i promised it will be very very soon! 


While watching My Crazy Ex S1 on CI channel on Astro. 

Hidayah Itu Milik Allah


Hidayah itu milik Allah SWT. I am totally agreed with that. Nevertheless, if we aren’t looking or searching for it, it will never come, trust me. It has always been a good reasoning for people, including myself years ago. I used to say things like:

  1. Tunggula nanti adala masa nanti.
  2. Tunggu nanti sampai seru


And whatevs, u name it. It has been my excuse whenpeople asked me about wearing hijab. I have started to wear hijab since 4 September 2012. It came easily without anyone asked me to. Not even my other half. Honestly, I started wearing hijab without even being a good muslimah. I am not ashamed to admit. But I have learned. I heard people said they will start to wear hijab when they have completed their daily 5 times prayers or such. But I did not. I started with hijab and everything else came along. And it only materialized at a later time. You can’t expect to wear hijab and totally changed. You just can’t. What you can do is, change and giving an effort to give more.

And obviously I do not agreed (until today) when people says‘HIDAYAH ITU MILIK ALLAH’ and give a stop to it. It should be continued with a search within your soul. A search to find the hidayah. HIDAYAH ITU MILIK ALLAH TAALA AND OBVIOUSLY TO GET THE HIDAYAH YOU WILL NEED TO SEARCH FOR IT.

Look back and reflect!

If we really want to change, we do not have to wait without any effort. We can’t just giving excuse like it will come without us knowing. We must remember, Allah Taala will give it to those who are looking for it. I am way from perfect. I am still learning, at an initial stage. Almost 2 years doesn’t mean that I am good enough. I still have lots to learn. There are times, these days where I always look back and mull over my life and trying to change to a better way. I know He always look upon me and listen to my prayers, and all I have to do is put a little more effort. Inshaallah with the courage I will change myself (and my family too) towards a better life here and hereafter. Aamin ya Rab.

Indeed, [Ya Muhammad], you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.

Surat Al-Qasas 28:56


where have you been?

Seriously. the spiderweb is all over the blog now. not that i do not want to write, but time did not permit. They envy me much. I do not blog for lots of readers but i blog for my own self. i need my own reminder to keep my memories intact and to remind me how beautiful life was.

And today, i have just realized, i had been neglecting my blog since last year. Well, obviously that is not my intention.

Life has been fair. Pretty much fair. I need some time to think of what should i blog about.


when the going gets tough, the tough get going

It has been a while. Feels like I am seeing spider web all over the places. I have been busy. Really was. Many things happened in life. And yes, I am bit regret for not being able to write up some stories to be shared and yes for my own remembrance too. But life goes on. It was. The story of all ups & downs in my life. I changed to a new URL in September 2013 and so I thought I want to share life story but I failed to. I have stopped in February 2013, exactly after my last entry about my first journey to Baitullah.

I want to be a frequent writer, again. Do I really want to make a comeback?. I think I should. Yes I should. I always remind myself everybody doesn’t have enough time to do all sorts of things, but if you really try you can always have 25 hours a day instead of 24. Who knows. Only Him.

Let me tell you a story of which my other half and I planned for this year. Well, we have planned to have a baby. The planning only started in May 2013. I guess my youngest is not too babyish anymore, and we really want a baby in life.  And the story begins. I have received good news in the end of July 2013. My menses had delayed. And yes, it was positive indeed. We were so happy and so did the kids. I didn’t really plan for an early ultrasound, not like the previous. Nevertheless one day, I’ve just felt sick. I had migraine and we went straight to see my gynae, Dr Marlik. I did not feel unease at all. I was just too excited. Nevertheless the first ultra sound was unexpected.  There was no heart beat. I felt fragile. Dr Marlik felt we should proceed with blood test. We obliged. He asked us to go back and he will call later once he received the result. And he called up that the result looks all okay. Alhamdulillah. He asked me to come back a week after. The week after ultra sound was indeed encouraging. And I was so happy, expecting my third.

The Ramadhan month was easy, despites of the maid is on long leave. And yes, she is still until now. My other half was so helpful. He assisted lots of house chores. I am always exalt by the way he is too pleased to help. I don’t even have to ask. So to speak, I have managed to fast for the whole Ramadhan month. I didn’t have any nausea, at all. When Raya is approaching I am still feeling too good. And yes, it’s too good to be true, if I were to compare to my previous pregnancy. And so I thought not all pregnancy are the same. Yes it shouldn’t be the same. We celebrated Raya in KL, hence there’s no long journey, hectic and all. Nevertheless, it all stopped on the 3rd Raya. I have had a big break during the night. I had a menses pain, it has been unbearable. I remembered my other half was out watching football at the Mamak. I have tried not to disturb him in any way. So I have just texted Dr Marlik, he called in right away. He has always been too nice. He was at the hospital for something emergency. He told me to come over if the pain swelled. It was almost 12am and it just felt horrendous. So I called my other half and he came back swiftly. To the hospital we go. I recalled my other half was saying, if anything would happen, just be patience, I was just kept silent. We were rushed to the emergency and I demanded for Dr Marlik to come over. Unfortunately he was at in an OT room for an emergency caesarean. We have waited for almost 1 hour and a half before we were guided to Doc’s clinic for an ultra sound. I was speechless. There was no heart beat after the ultra sound has been done. I was speechless. Dr Marlik asked to do cervical checked through an inner scanner or whatever they called it. I obligated. It has been confirmed there was no heart beat. God knows how I felt at that time. And few minutes after the confirmation, I have started bleeding.

Dr Marlik told me ‘it may not be your rezeki this time around, Inshaallah ade rezeki lain soon’

There were tears in my eyes. The baby hasn’t grown well since the last ultra sound and it’s only gained a little bit, if it keeps on growing in that manner, perhaps it will be getting worst, by all means. Maybe it was a sign from Him. Just to let it go.

I was told the bleeding will continue until it cleans off. Dr Marlik gave me a week off MC to make sure if cleans off, unfortunately I did not bleed after I went back home. It was when after deliberation with my MIL and MOM we were agreeable to proceed with DNC. It was so scared not knowing what to expect, apart from feeling scared the worst part was to know it will be the official end of the baby inside me. Nevertheless, saya redha. I was physically okay but no so emotionally. I am trying to sense that I am okay by telling people that I am okay, even so, only Allah SWT knows how I feel inside. Dr Marlik scheduled the DNC on 15 August 2013.

The kids were send to their grandparents’ and my other half brought me to KPJ Ampang Puteri. It was only a day ward. I had survived the day physically. Nonetheless I had cried when they brought me to recovery area. When the nurse woke me up, I cried. It was effortlessly. Dah tertulis di luh mahfuz, memang bukan rezeki kami. Saya redha.


Though it was really unbreakable to explain to the kids that the baby has gone. My other half was telling them, the baby went to heaven. I can’t say much. Munchkin understood but cotton candy was asking lots of questions that need to be answered. But yes, we survived after a week. She stopped asking.

I should have counted my blessing and syukur for all things He had been given. Alhamdulillah. Knowing that I am eager to have a baby, He sends me a message, to be patience. And to be patience I should.

Inshaallah kalau ade rezeki, there will be babies coming our way. Inshaallah. Aamiin ya rab!
What is a D&C Procedure?

D&C, also known as dilation and curettage, is a surgical procedure often performed after a miscarriage. Dilation means to open up the cervix; curettage means to remove the contents of the uterus. Curettage may be performed by scraping the uterine wall with a curette instrument or by a suction curettage (also called vacuum aspiration), using a vacuum-type instrument.

source from google

A journey to Baitullah

I have been absent from writing my blog. Not so far away though. I have been tremendously busy with my new business and my first ever trip to visit Baitullah. I have never been so blessed. We have first gone to Madinah, visiting the prophet’s mosque. It was indeed a tranquiling experience. I had never have thought that I would go there in my early years. Who would have thought such?

Perhaps, life had changed me. A bunch. Life will never take us for granted, if we never take them for granted too. Vice Versa. It was a great occurrence.  I have learnt by heart of my first sight of Kaabah. SubhanAllah. I was in awe, it was almost impossible to hold back my tears. My heart filled with such feeling that words cannot describe. It was unbeatable; things that one cannot see in your mind’s eye. You will never comprehend the feeling, until the day Baitullah is before my eyes. Allahu Akhbar. I was stopped dead in my tracks. It was when we were on our way to our first umrah. I couldn’t really hear what the mutawwif (the tour leader) was saying, as I was speechlessly looking at the Kaabah. It wasn’t a physical force which stopped me but the sight of the baitullah – The Kaabah. Nothing seemed to matter in fact nothing did matter. I felt peace for the first time and it was unlike anything I had felt before. My eyes were locked onto the Kabbah, just like you gaze into barrenness when you are daydreaming. I was over-awed and for a moment I was lost, lost in spiritual bliss and contentment. I know it was for an instance but time too, seemed to fade away and it felt much longer.

For the first time I felt at home with a soothing peace. I had been worried of making mistakes and errors but now I felt everything have come naturally and I was full of confidence. Alhamdulillah we have completed our third umrah with ease. Beforehand, I had the compelling desire to perform the Umrah, to lay eyes on the Kabbah, to drink the sweet water of Zam Zam, to go to the Holiest of mosques on this Earth. Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah and my other half too, for realizing my dreams.

Leaving Mekah was painfully hard. Sebak dada. I always heard ppl said the same but i never know how it feels until now. Sedihnya tak terhingga. Ya Allah, let this not be the last that we visit Baitullah. Of all the birthday gift i’d received ive accepted this one wholeheartedly with tears in my eyes ; eventho it’s only been realized almost 2 months after. I pray Allah swt will reward my husband for the good deed he had been given thus far. I don’t know whether I am been able to actually write the whole experience here. Hope time will find me. I had earlier on, mapping and captured the whole story in Madinah & Mekah in my Note/Journal online on my Flava. Thanks for Greenmonster Inc for making the application worth keeping. How I wish I could convert or transfer the journal to the blog. I wish. Nevertheless, if I were to have some time, I will blog further about my trip, however, if time will never find me, I want to humbly thanking my other half for making this trip worthwhile.

Mekah al mukarramah, we shall visit you again. Insha Allah.


myself and Najmi, my good companion during the trip



yours truly & my other half in Madinah Al Munawarrah




Masjidil Haram


Picture taken exactly after our first umrah.


The picture taken after all rituals and completed our third umrah at Bukit Marwah.

a fabulously details and everything pretty

It has always been my craze to be at home, looking after the kids, 24/7. Okla, boooo to me, not 24/7 but being there whenever they need a chauffeur from school or vice versa. Hehhee… a driver, a mommy, someone to talk to, a chef and everything lah! I have never really tried to do something other than being employed. I have started doing side jobs since middle of last year. I love events, and helping and doing things like a small event planner, doing candy buffet decorations and such has started since. A small margin I did, with no one to actually help out. 2013, has bring a new spirit to me. I wanted something new. Hence the idea of starting a real business came through. I know that I couldn’t afford to actually do it on my own, and I know my best friends won’t be able to be in the venture. With the reason I don’t want to deliberate here. Therefore, I have asked, another good friend of mine too, to be my associate. I requested her to join because I know she has the interest and always there when I needed an aid.

And that’s where ‘Sugar Plum’ started. I wanted to sell something for the girls, the ladies out there. We’ve decided to initiate our business with selling shawls. Yes, we did. Mainly I have thrown most of the ideas and where I’d settle on the other partner to be in charged for the promotions. At least it will be fair and square tasks to be done. Perhaps. Given that I have my other half who is able and competent to help in designing, hence he is in charge of the branding. He had done with the logo, labeling and even a design for our business card. Bravo hubs! We have planned to go and register the company next week. Even though it is only a small venture, a registration would be a necessity, as we need all the online payment to be done through a company’s account. Hence, a company’s account will be opened beforehand.

The initial work has started few weeks earlier. We will start with picking up our own favorite fabric and textile at our usual place and send to a tailor soon.  We want it to be something made by ‘Sugar Plum’, not that I can’t get the wholesale readymade shawls/scarf from the supplier, but I would rather pick at our own pace and picking the best for our (future) customer. I have gone to my usual place for buying fabric and they are willing to give good price which elated me. My partner and I will start selecting and buying the fabric before the end of February. Our timeline would be, the launching should commence in March 2013. We should send all fabrics to the tailor in the first week of February. It should be ready in less than 3 weeks. That’s the plan. I hope the timeline will not be extended too far. Hope it will be ready by the time we are ready to starts selling. In Sha Allah. We are going to use facebook and instagram as our main selling pace, for a start, who knows one fine day we will have our own boutique. Haha. That’s long way to go. For now, an online boutique store will do.  We have not started with the facebook page, but instagram have been registered. Please follow holasugarplum, a teaser will be uploaded next week.

Sugar Plum is something instigated by yours truly and now assisted by Zura Zubir. I always want to fabricate and sell something girly and yet fashionable. A hijabista stylista it is. Perhaps, in few more months there will be few other things, a new chain of other products for Sugar Plum. Everything is in mind now; it needs time to be let slipped, yet soon. From now, I should think of everything can be done beyond the  impossibilities. Dengan izin Allah swt. ;)

coming soon sugar plum

latest sugar plum

Not too early to be at school

Both my cutie pie have started schooling in the New Year. Both of them now are the Real Kids! Obviously too busy to write an entry, but I am a relieved mummy now. Munchkin is being too much contented at school, Alhamdulillah. And Cotton Candy had a big time whimper for almost 5 days and was okay by then. They can happily waive mummy good bye these day. Well done anak-anak kesayangan mummy.

These days, the kids won’t be at home until noon. Hence we have decided, they will stay at home rather than being at their grandparents. The maid will do all the chores before noon and keeping them company afterwards. Syukur everything goes well now. I will send them to school every day and either my other half or the grandparents will fetch them at school by noon. According to the maid, the kids are all well behaved after school. They rarely fight. The kids are all exhausted when they reached home. Cotton Candy will have her regular nap after lunch while Munchkin will watch telly and do some homework later. By the time they had their evening shower, either yours truly or my other half will be at home already. Life is much easier nowadays.

first day schooling




Look cotton candy was whimpering looking at mummy. I almost cause a scene. :)


Pity the lil sister, too exhausted after the first few days.



But the lil sister is better these days! she can smile and laughed and even waving mummy good bye.


It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts… it is to teach them to think, if that is possible, and always to think for themselves.– Robert Hutchins

the end of 2012

The yearly tradition, this kinda entry usually will be posted in December. Since I have been eventful lately, hence the entry will only be posted as fast as I can finish writing this. As it may seem, the New Year have come with a good deed. In Sha Allah semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya. I have turned 32 on the 31st, and yes ironically, the next day I am officially 33 already. Time flies.

Life has been much meaningful. I have learned and earned lots of good things in 2012. Indeed. The most memorable thing I shall learn by heart for the year will be;

Yours truly had officially become a ‘syok sendiri’ party planner in April 2012. Well, what can I say? That is my passion. During the kids’ birthday I am officially the party planner. Kudos to yours truly. The cost was not even nearly half to the previous years when I’ve engaged a party planner. As been mentioned thousand times earlier, I have started the grounding at the end of 2011. No matter how people been talking, it was way too early, according to them. Nevertheless, for me, being done all things by myself, and tied up with my job on weekdays and been busy over the weekend, yes i’ve made the right decision to starts early. And yes, no doubt, I am proud of myself. And the good feedbacks from friends made me anticipated. Kidding me not, there’s friends requested me to be a party planner for their kids’ birthday by now. and yes, a few event had been successfully triumph over by yours truly. Alhamdulillah.

May 2012 marked the 5th year of our marriage. The 5 years of sharing the ups & down. The 5 years of learning to accommodate all the shortcomings.


In July 2012, I went to being-ME conference.  It was a one day event. My very first time attending such conference. I dont know why I’d decided to go. Was it becoz my bestie asked me to, or was it because of myself. Of which i cannot answer. Nevertheless i thanked her for opening my eyes to be there at such conference. It was actually a conference from sisters to sisters, in depth.

Being able to attend this kind of get-together with all Muslimah sisters remind me of how life is sweet. Everybody is looking after everybody else. I remember, after our Asar prayer on Saturday, my bestie hugged me and uttered “I’ve just pray for you vee” and she cried. And now, her prayers did come true. And i’ve just so speechless to say a word. Only God knows how I love her so much. Unconditionally. I know I can’t get anyone to replace her in my whole life. As much as i cried when she get married, I felt the same during the conference,  to know that we love each other a lot.

Being-ME, changed my perception of life and love. Of which, one day, I hope I will change my whole life. For a better life ahead.

My other half turned not a year older but a year wiser on 25 July 2012! We love u to bits pa!

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

Alhamdulillah. Our Slice of Heaven On Earth had been through a minor renovation in August 2012. A new flooring, a wallpaper, and a few other minor renovations here and there. As expected, i love them all to bits.  It’s not only a new look, but it is where our heart will remains.

Hitch also have officially move to a new home in Wangsa Melawati in August 2012. A small pit stop for my other half. After a while of having his own office at home, the Hitch new office is now in operation.  A small doa selamat and yassin recital was well thought-out by a small group of his close friends and mil’s family. Alhamdulillah.


In September 2012, I have changed, for good. A hijabista I am. We changed because of life, because of desperation, because of the funniest of things and even because of God. No matter what are the grounds, change is the law of life. Undeniably. Life needs to vary. For good obviously. Myself, for instance. It didn’t take me long before I realised, i need to change. My determination to change was indeed without waiting any longer. I’ve told my other half and he was so pleased with my intention and supported me all the way. This is the new me. My first ever picture taken as a truly hijabista.


October has been my munchkin 2nd year’s concert! She did well. A class performance of ‘bad girl’ from Rihanna. She was indeed happy with her princess-alike attire.

November was a memorable indeed for me. It was my first time ever watching a malay drama series. Seriously. After more than 20 years i think? I don’t intend to watch this initially. I was by chance watching an episode which happened to be a scene in Mekah. MasyaAllah indahnya kota Mekah. I was amazed, like seriously. Semoga Tuhan permudahkan rezeki kami sekeluarga ke sana. Ameen.

The series will end in less than 2 weeks time. And i doubt i can have any other ample time like this, to watch any other series.

December was the final month of the year. We hosted a potluck party on the 31/12 celebrating New Year and yours truly’s birthday. It was a small event. Only good friends were attended. Even though my besties couldn’t make it, but I know deep down inside we are remembering each other for the moments we had spent. Alhamdulillah. I am age gracefully. Thanks Allah swt.


And yes, last but not least, a new baby was born in December too. My other half’s new toy. Envy I was, as I always love the auspicious style of RR. And I am, still driving the black tenggiling until he told me, it’s time to change. Which dunno when.

Hello gorgy!!

Dear Allah, i want to take a minute,
not to ask for anything from You, but simply to say Thank You, for all i have.

2013, please be good to me, my family and all my friends surrounds me. Aamiin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Handbook 2013

Something good to ponder, from a friend’s wish on the new year.


1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince & Dinner like a beggar
3. Live with the 3 E’s–
Enthusiasm &
4. Make time to pray.
5. Play more games.
6. Read more books than you did  in 2012.
7. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
8. Sleep for 7 hours.
9. Take a 10-30 minutes walk daily And while you walk,  Smile.


1. Don’t over do. Keep yourlimits.
2. Don’t take urself so seriously.  No one else does.
3. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip.
4. Dream more while you are  awake.
5. Envy is a waste of time. You  already have all you need.
6. Forget issues of the past.Don’t remind your partner with his/her mistakes of the past.That will ruin your present. Happiness.
7. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don’t hate others.
8. Make peace with your past so  it won’t spoil the present.
9. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
10. Smile and laugh more.
11. You don’t have to win every argument,Agree to disagree.


1. Call your family often.
2. Each day give something good to others.
3. Forgive everyone for  everything.
4. Spend time with people overthe age of 70 & under the ageof 6.
5. Try to make at least three people smile each day.
6. What other people think of you is none of your business.


1. Do the right thing!
2. GOD heals everything.
3. However good or bad a situation is, it will  change.
4. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up. The best is yet to come.
5. When awake in the morning  thank GOD for it.
6. Your Inner most is always  happy. So, be happy.

hugs & kisses
yours truly

eight-teen to go

2012 will come to the end in 18 days. Pejam celik pejam celik, how time flies. Eventhough I’ve told I had stopped counting my age 4 years back, but still I am age gracefully, In Sha Allah. At times I just don’t realize I have passed the 30 years of my life. Still thinking of how young and happy I was. Don’t get me wrong, I am still happy, no doubt. Young & happy before was in a different meaning of life.

Last week, my sister was here, together with my niece and nephews. They spent 10 days at our home during the school holiday. And both munchkin and cotton candy was so pleased. I can see how happy they were having friends at home. We have been to so many places, attending events, chit chatting, eating, KLCC, kinokuniya, PD, Sunway Lagoon and all. The kids were all happy. I had taken a long leave since they were here. And I was glad to see all of them spent their time together. When the time the guests went off for KB, both my kids were so worn out. Exhausted but blissful. I will blog about how we spend time and even upload photo when I have more ample time later, today let just talk about how life had been and could have been before the New Year comes.

The usual thing that I do during December (rather than celebrating my birthday), I will gather plans for my kids’ birthday for the following year. Yes, the idea always come in December, co-incidently. Oh I love party and having friends around. I have gotten the idea of what to do. Perhaps I’m gonna make do of a private function with only a good and close friends attending. I know that it’s hard for me to limit friends for any event, the reason being, I had so many close friends, that is so true, hence to limit friends it’s gonna be a bit tough. Nevertheless, this time around I am gonna make sure the party is only for good friends. Bole ke nih?

The party in my mind will be something the kids will enjoy. More activities for kids. A craft class perhaps, or maybe a deco classes. Gonna think of something later. And yes, I wanna both munchkin & cotton candy to enjoy themselves too! Ohh cotton candy will be schooling soon and there will be additional headcount as I will be inviting the class mate as well. Ok ok gonna shrink things out as well. Invitation invitations.

I won’t speak out the theme here, now. Once I have confirmed on the checklist only I will make the announcement. Chewaaahhh gitu. Basically the first person I should speak to is my other half. He will either say yes or no. So the proposal should be as simple as I know he would like. Btw, I have found my baker for the cake this time around, and when I show her the cake that I wanted to have for the birthday, she said, “senang je dik!” Oh my! She’s only turned out to be a baker I like! We went for her son’s birthday last week, he bake an avengers 3d cake! Nicely done and what important is it was scrumptiously delicious! Tak tipu langsung. The way she baked it less sugary was really luscious. Tahniah Kak Sha sebab dah turn out to be a well-baked baker! From a shopaholic you turn out to be a surprisingly fine good baker too! LOL. Well done Well done! Look at the 3d cake, with the figurines all made by herself too! I’m so in love.



happy birthday Chulan Harmy Putra.


yours truly & the baker


December also reminds me of my birthday. There was always some thing that we planned for in December, especially during the NY celebration. It was always surrounded by beautiful friends. The get together has always been a combination of my birthday and the New Year celebration. Basically it will be a time for our get together. This year, the main idea is to cope of a kenduri doa selamat and also a BBQ session. But since 31st gonna be a working day, hence we just make do of a BBQ session during the night and the doa selamat will be held in January 2013, In Sha Allah.  The BBQ session will be held at our Slice of Heaven on Earth. We will be inviting close friends and it will only be a small assemble. The BBQ session will be a potluck party for all invited. Tuan rumah sediakan the main dish and refreshment je lah ye. We had gotten confirmation of few close friends and hope everyone will come and enjoy the last day of 2012. It’s gonna be a small gathering, but will be a meaningful for all of us I reckon. Hopefully the friendship will last forever. Aamiin.

18 more days to go and we will come to a New Year. A New Year that will bring us all more good fortune with Allah’s will. I have dreams to achieve in 2013. I will get it move to pursue it. And I pray that I won’t disregard Allah in any ways of my life.


In Sha Allah.